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New YouTube video!

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Fucking over it bye✌️

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androgynous nonbinary person with colossal tits takes the world

I know this sounds really pretentious and like I’m bragging but I’m honestly not. I’m sick of feeling like the only thing I’m good for is my looks or my body. Like I don’t think I’m horrifically ugly but I Definately don’t think that I’m the prettiest girl on the block and I know my body is mediocre at best but that seems to be the only thing people give me recognition for. It’s so hard to find a guy friend that honestly thinks I’m interesting and a cool person that doesn’t have a motive to get with me in some way. Anytime someone compliments me it’s always “you’re so pretty!” Or “you have a nice body” which don’t get me wrong is nice and all, but there’s so much more to me. I want to people to compliment me on how smart they think I am. God how badly I wish I was known for being smart. I envy people like that so much. I’m not a dumb person at all I have straight a’s and I’m usually the main participator in class, but I feel like people just assume I’m some dumb, ditzy girl just because I act silly. I don’t mind it all the time, I’ll just brush it off but most of the time it gets to me so hard. I find it so much more insulting to tell me I’m dumb than to tell me I’m ugly. Because I know I’m not a dumb person and I want people to realize that I just want to be given credit for things that aren’t so superficial

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I replied:


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"talking about sexism or racism on Tumblr doesn’t solve anything"

really? because I am absolutely certain that I am a better, less bigoted person than I was a few years ago and that is most certainly due to the people I met and things I read on Tumblr

perhaps it doesn’t do anything for the worst of the worst but there are still plenty of people who do learn from impassioned Tumblr posts

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