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I hate how I have so much built up anger towards certain people inside of me. I have resentments to people that cause me to lash out at them for the most irrelevant things. I wish I knew how to let go but at the same time I feel as if they don’t deserve for me to let go of my anger towards them. These aren’t even people who did terrible things to me, they’re people I love and care for who just fucked up and I know carrying this chip on my shoulder is doing me more harm than anyone else. Sigh

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i haven’t absorbed the nutrients of a man’s broken down ego in a long time i’m starting to weaken

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  • mum: can you-
  • me: *groans for 17 hours*
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Fun fact if you talk to me past midnight i get real personal and it’s weird

12:00am- oh I man I love cheese pizza too!
12:01am- I killed a man once

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